HBO gives season six of Game of Thrones and official premiere date



It’s the most pirated show for years now, and feels like one of the most anticipated shows season to season: it’s HBO’s adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novel series called Game of Thrones. You know it, you love it, you’ve been obsessing about when you get to find out what happened to Sansa after she jumped over that very high wall. Fret no more, weary traveler of the Narrow Sea of the off-season, we can see the shore beyond! Game of Thrones season six will premiere Sunday, April 24.



jonsnow-590x330The finale of last season of Game of Thrones got the highest ratings of the entire series by that point with 8.11 million viewers, even though it aired opposite some NBA Finals game.

It’s unsurprising to those following Song of Ice and Fire fandom because that episode’s place in the series meta narrative made it exciting to all types of fans. For those who just watched the show, the fifth season’s tail end was riding on the Jon Snow high that was the finale battle sequence of the episode “Hardhome” where Jon barely saved some wildlings from the oncoming White Walkers, the Night’s King, and his army of Wights. For the people who have read fifth Martin book, A Dance With Dragons, the show was finally catching up with the novel’s narratives, which meant a major event was about to go down that has also been left unresolved in the book:Jon Snow’s apparent death.


Game-of-Thrones-303195Since the show went off the air at a high point in terms of exposure, book readers and show watchers were finally asking the same questions by the millions. HBO and A Song of Ice and Fire’s publishers hatched a plan to get Martin to finish the sixth book in time for it to be published before Game of Thrones premiered the new season. This was supposed to the let the author conclude what could very well be his final cliffhanger considering how fast the show is consuming the chronology of the novels.


game-thrones-season-5Sadly, Martin couldn’t finish in time. The author broke the news to the fans himself by blogging about it, but by then HBO had released a teaser for Game of Thrones’ upcoming season — a forty-one second teaser that includes the phrase “the past is already written, the ink is dry.” Now we’ll forever be wondering if the inclusion of that line was a subtle hint that the book was supposed to be done by the time the season came out, or if it was placed over video of Kit Harrington as an alive Jon Snow to continue to troll audiences with the question of his death and/or magical resurrection.


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