Crop fires in Punjab, Haryana causing Air Pollution over Delhi-NCR

NASA has released satellite pictures showing how a thick haze has enveloped   North India as poisonous air chokes residents in Delhi,NCR and  UP states. The images taken by NASA’s Aqua satellite on November 7, the space agency said the haze is due to smoke from crop fires in Punjab and Haryana which has blown across northern India and Pakistan.  With the arrival of cooler weather in November, the smoke mixed with fog, dust, and industrial pollution to form a  thick haze, it said. Image shows how North India, parts of Pakistan are covered in haze and fog in Nov 2017. The picture was captured by ” Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer “(MODIS) on NASA’s  satellite. With a medical emergency declared in Delhi/NCR……can’t agricultural waste and residue be used up in thermal power plants by NTPC/Govt or Manure created from this residue?